About Us
We are an up and coming Music Group that is striving to the top no matter what. Vigulanie OutLawz Brings you Music like Rap,Pop,Hip-Hop,R&B, also brings a new Gender to music Trepno,- Meaning Rock Pop Rap Trap, House and Tecno all in one. Its growings day by day and night by night. New Schwagg to the Game. Write and record meaningful songs aswell as beats. We are a independent record label bougaurding our way in the Music Business... Weither they want us there or not. But our Presence will be known and shown aswell as grown...
We Just Bring you that Raw Uncut Music to your ear Waves.... From catchy hooks to flaming verses, aswell as Hot beats, sounds Images... I mean the $chwaggy on enfinity... Artist/Producers from Detroit, Florida, MidWest, U.K. Germany,